About Me!

“Joel has got that strong zest for Life”

Joel’s close friend

I’m the introspective friend that thinks too much.
I’m the irritating classmate that has too many questions.
I’m the class clown that scored well.
I’m the dreamer that never grew up.

If given a choice Joel would love to be able to listen to podcast at 4x speed whilst cooking food for his family. Lover of extremely cheesy love songs, a nasi lemak fanatic, a self-proclaimed pseudo-intellectual. He classifies his entertainment as either really childish, or very thought provoking with nothing in the middle. He juggles 5 balls, but has figured out that nobody (emphasize the nobody) is actually impressed with that.

A caffeine addict, a committed diary writer, and a lover of “Scribd”. He embraces his eccentricity whilst his friends and family ensure that he doesn’t embarrass himself in public. Follower of Jesus, he finds joy in serving the church and enjoys seeing people making good decisions.

Sambal King, Love Guru, and The Chosen One. That’s me, Joel Loh.