Coffee Convo: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Here I am now stuck in my car sipping on an unsweetened Frappuccino as I type this Coffee Convo out. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Malaysia is currently stricken with 12000+ cases each day. The SOP has instructed us that we can’t even go out walking.

Alas, my final defense to my increasing deranged mind is now shattered. I can imagine that the “Inside Out” characters from Pixar is in my head panicking in my frontal lobe trying to figure out how to survive the situation.

Welp. This is my current solution right now. Seating in the front passenger seat of my car with a laptop typing out strings of words that hopefully makes sense. It’s hot as hell, and I alternate between switching on and off the car every five minutes to ensure some airflow. Well, I’m at least thankful that I’ve got my ice-blended drink to accompany me

My Frappuccino friend.

There are still glimmers of hope in the foggy distance. Malaysia is accelerating their vaccination roll out. We are quite fast apparently, (But not as fast as Singapore. Ugh [No offense to my Singaporean Neighbours])

I suppose it is what it is…

Things I’ve been thinking about

This is my 12th post (I didn’t realize I’ve written twelve pieces of articles at this point). I thought it would be fun to share some of my internal thoughts about the blog and some of the ideas that I’ve written.


First off, I’m indebted to my friends and family who continue to entertain my deranged ideas. There have been many friendly comments from people whom I’ve not met in quite some time and those that I’ve reconnected thanks to this blog. I want you guys to know that I read every comment (Just as all the youtubers say) and I appreciate the friendly words.


Secondly, I realize that as I write and interact with others, my thoughts are equally evolving. I’ve shifted and changed my views on certain things. One of my blog post about treating co-workers as your family got quite a fair bit of response. However, through numerous conversations, I’m rethinking about what I wrote. The original blog post, I feel now in retrospect, was that it was vehemently antagonistic to a possible familial like relationship.

But looking back, I think it’s an incomplete view of the workplace interaction. I’m still formulating my thoughts, and I hope to do a follow up on that one. This goes with many other thoughts that I have. Like I’ve indicated in the prologue, this is a place for me to figure out my intellectual footing.


One of the things that I’m looking forward is to collaborate with other people. I don’t want this blog to be entirely about me, and hopefully you’ll see some other names that might pop up. Currently, I have some cross-post shenanigans that’s coming up soon. Hopefully, I would like to collaborate with my friends at least once.


Well. That’s a coffee convo, I apologize for the late posting. I was busy with prepping a bunch of sermons and presentations this week. Nonetheless, I hope that in this season, you stay safe and stay alive. 😀

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