Coffee Convo: The Pandemic and I

Welcome to a new kind of post that I’ll be doing titled “Coffee Convo”. Instead of a properly thought out article with citations and fancy frameworks. This post that I write are minimally edited and function like thought stream. Or in my own preferred terms, writing whilst drinking a good cup of coffee.

I’ve got no Idea how it will turn out to be (But then again, that’s the summation of my entire life thus far 🤣🤣🤣)

Meta-Note: Notice how I use emojis, it must be pretty casual then.

The Pandemic and I

It’s been approximately 1 year ever since the pandemic started in Malaysia. As of 21/5/2021, we hit approximately 6000 cases (YAY). So that has left me physically stuck in my house and conceptually stuck in my mind. My house contains 6 other fully functioning people whom constantly bump into each other. You might imagine that might cause some friction amongst one another to a certain extent.

On another note, I’m conceptually stuck in my head.

I’m sure many of you have felt this way to. Everyday has become the same old day repeated itself. The difference between the days blur, and everything sort of fades into the same color.

The dullness of staying at home sounds like a pleasant option. However, after the weeks roll by. It begins to take a toll on you. Sort of synonymous with the movie “Groundhog Day”, at first, is sort of exciting. But later on, the slow dreariness comes in.

You begin to question everything. Your sanity, your health, your mental health and your entire existential purpose. To a certain extent, you feel mentally claustrophobic (fancy combination of words that I made up). Certain things that previously did not affect you slowly wear away at the facade you once had.

Trudging Through Life

I have to admit, that it feels like I’m trudging through life. Because that’s all I can do. I’d never thought that I find the word “Self-Care” meaningful to me.

I can’t do the things that I most desire, but that does not stop me the small things that I enjoy the most.

I go get coffee. Before the day begins, I go out and visit my favorite coffee shop. The long stroll it takes me to go to the shop is the true unadulterated joy of the mundane.

I cook fancy. I take whatever leftover that’s in my kitchen and do my best to craft a compelling test to please my taste buds.

I take long strolls under the scorching sun. I walk the same route always. It’s almost become second nature to me. I walk, I think and I pray. I guess that’s the best I can do for now.

When life throws its biggest at you. Sometimes, you just have to find joy in the smallest of things.

If any of you are reading this, I do hope that you also can find joy in the small things.

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